Freedom in Blogging

James is a golf player, happily married, he loves traveling and playing golf. His wife is a masseuse and their jmcommon passion is blogging. James and his wife blog because it gives them liberty to share their own opinions and ideas to the world. Mary, James’ wife, blogs mainly about stress relief.
Mary owns a spa and is a masseuse. Her career has given her the passion to blog. James and Mary love to travel, James enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family. James is a dedicated golf player and blogs mainly on sports. They decided to put their hobbies and career into words. They enjoy hearing the feedback they get. James and Mary enjoy the insight from their readers. Through their blogs they have been able to get readers from all around the world to share their opinions on stress relief and sports. James and Mary hope that their blogs help people in everyday life. They hope to inspire people to blog as it gives a since of liberty.