Cool Ideas to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

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Wedding anniversary is a great time to sum up the results of the already established family. anniversaryAnd of course, this is an excellent opportunity to arrange a party. However, keep in mind that the format of the festival can be chosen by you two.

There are so many ideas for a bright holiday from the feast for the whole world to a secluded romantic walks in the moonlight. The main thing is to understand which format can be considered the most suitable for you and arrange the party according to your family’s preferences. In this article, we are going to present the coolest and the most creative ideas for an unforgettable wedding anniversary.

A Gold Golf Ball for Him

If your husband is an avid golf player and you want to knock him off, present him a premium-quality golf ball dipped in pure 24 karat gold. This ball can be considered a kind of trophy, so your man will be pleasantly surprised. Make your beloved one a true winner in life and help him to feel your love when getting this present. If your husband loves another sport you can get more gift ideas for him right here. If he prefers playing cards games then the gold dipped poker cards could be the present that will truly amaze him!

Go on a boat

Rent a small boat with oars, pull her into the water and take a ride with the beloved person. Such a gesture would be very romantic, especially if you present the flowers and drink a few glasses of sparkling champagne. This date recalls the old romantic movies and books about love.

Remember the first date.

And what was your first date? And why should it not be repeated? Dine at your favorite cafe where your current husband invited you for the first time. Take a walk in the park remembering how your relationship began.

Family is extreme.jump

Undoubtedly, getting married is a certain risk, because who knows how it all goes after you become a family. But here you have at least a year together and the flight is proceeding normally. So why not take a chance and make it extreme? You can make the first parachute jump together or go into the canoe trip. There is no limit to your imagination.

Massage and beauty treatments.

If you want delightful relaxation, you can buy a visit to the nearest beauty salon. It’s better to go together, since massage doesn’t hurt anyone and will help you relax in a comfortable atmosphere.

Photo session.

The holiday will be a great occasion for a photo session. You can go into the studio or hire a photographer to make beautiful open-air shots. High-quality and original footage will express mutual love. This album will be to show to friends and family.


You can get out into the nature or move to a distant place. The couple should grab a bottle of champagne or wine, fruit and snacks. If you take a tent, it will diversify and intimate your relationships.

Walking around.

It’s possible to think over the route in advance remembering all the memorable places meaning something special for the couple. To begin better, move to the place of the first date, first kiss or a last quarrel. Walking makes it possible to recall significant events and tell each other about your impressions.